Microbiological & Mycotoxin Screening2018-11-11T12:52:00-07:00

Microbial Contamination Screening

Cannabis is an extremely hardy plant partly because of its natural ability to fend off microbial invasions. As with humans, its innate immune system can be compromised by stress, disease, invaders, and open wounds or cuts. Keeping plants healthy during the growing and flowering cycles and curing plants properly after harvest minimizes microbes in the plant material.Our advanced microbial contaminant analysis enable you to safeguard patient health. We conduct a detailed screening for microbial pathogens using plate assay to determine the quantity of colony-forming units.

Microbes we test for include:

  •  Aspergillus
  • Alternaria
  • Botrytis
  • Coliform (E. coli)
  • Cladosporium
  • Total Aerobic Bacteria
  • Mucor
  • Penicillium
  • Salmonella
  • Thermophilic Actinomycetes
  • Yeast

Mycotoxin Screening

Mycotoxins are toxic metabolites produced by certain fungi that can infect and proliferate on various agricultural commodities in the field and/or during storage. Exposure to highly carcinogenic aflatoxins—a type of mycotoxin—can cause abdominal pain, edema, hemorrhaging, liver damage, mental impairment, convulsions, coma, and even death.

We use LC-MS/MS to identify and quantify mycotoxins.