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Cannabis Potency

Cannabis potency can vary widely among plant samples based on genetics (plant strain) and growing conditions such as lighting intensity and intervals, water and nutrient uptake, and stressors like wind, rain, heat, and cold. For instance, if lighting is not uniformly distributed, samples obtained from the top of a plant will differ in potency from samples taken near the base.

The ratios of the compounds, including cannabinoids and terpenoids, also vary widely based on its genetic and environmental factors, which makes certain cannabis products better for treating specific medical conditions than other products. Our comprehensive tests and reports make it easier for patients, caregivers, and medical professionals to map cannabis products to each individual’s medication requirements to obtain the desired therapeutic outcome.

Cannabinoids are expressed in percentage of total weight: milligrams of the cannabinoid divided by milligrams of the sample. This information is critical for enabling patients to gauge dosage levels in edibles and other products that can vary in weight.